OH. And the other is called "Toy-Lovers Santa" and features good St. Nick carrying a bag of toys and carrying a snow globe with what appears to be a tiny Nativity scene inside. It's Vicki. Where do I start? Fingers crossed that your children move closer to home so you can see that precious boy more often. Hi Carol,All three designs are lovely and the changes you made to them turned out great, as they now look as part of the same set. Love your black cats and the matching finishes although slightly different. We lived in the country, and I would often wake up to find a dead mouse or a dead bird at the foot of my bed (gifts she brought me). Enjoy your visit with your new grandbaby! In my pre retirement I was a grade school librarian. I would like to enter the giveaway. Just wanted to chime in on the butternut squash question. swisscastles.ch. swisscastles.ch. I have always liked my first name. C'était un ignoble personnage, cruel, ne pensant qu'à faire du mal aux plus faibles que lui.. Il nous battait Maman et moi jusqu'à ce qu'elle décide de s'enfuir avec ma petite soeur et moi pour lui échapper et demander le divorce.. Oui peut-être que je n'aime pas plus que ça mon prénom à cause de ça... Bonne visite à votre charmant petit fils, profitez-en, c'est tellement agréable des les câliner nos petits enfants...Amitiés de France,Christelhttp://toilesetfils.blogspot.com. Just perfect indeed. I never really heard about the superstitions surrounding black cats until a couple weeks ago. Growing up not so much. Take care. The final black cat stitchery is called "Scaredy Cat" and can be found in the Just Cross Stitch Halloween magazine from 2011. I'd love to get to know you a bit better... With fall comes the job of cleaning up the garden which I leave to my husband. Unfortunately, I got ... My first post of 2014! Even then not everyone got it. I still feel quite overwhelmed at the sheer thoughtfulness and generosity found in our community and I hope this kindness spreads to other online communities as well. !Have a wonderful visit with the grand baby---I know you will!!! I love my name even though I was named wrong haha. modifier - modifier le code - modifier Wikidata Étienne Sandorfi (de son nom original István Sándorfi), né le 12 juin 1948 à Budapest et mort le 26 décembre 2007 à Paris , est un peintre hongrois . Looking forward to an updated photo! Béatifiée. They're wonderful. Beautiful autumn and Halloween stitching, Carol. Impact - Je Veux Proclamer. I am starting to like Leonore more too, though, and try to introduce myself as such to new people I meet (which can get confusing when I don't always remember who uses what name! The slate has been wiped clean and January brings a fresh start. My favorite would be Startled Superstition. As you can see, I put the fabric strip on the opposite side of that in the first finish. Das ist die Koseform von Eleanor, nicht wahr? (now the beekeeping has become his favorite hobby.) Vos coussinets sont magnifiques, vos finitions sont toujours parfaites et mettent si bien en valeur vos ouvrages. I have way too much to stitch now haha. Les autres ont eu une maladie qui nous a obligé à les enlever. - Leslie. I also changed the outer border from orange to black. Please add my name. I loved every minute that I spent in my little library. I was a very shy kid and the first few days of school were awful with being called Michael or Mitchell or something I have no idea how the teacher came up with. I get your blog in my email. :)Have a wonderful stitchy week Carol. My e mail address is Stitchingaunt at g mail dot com. Koseform von Nichte ; Sources: Meine Nichte nennt mich immer "aunty" - kennt jemand vielleicht eine entsprechende Koseform von "niece"? Your husband’s garden is fantastic!!! As for my name, yes, I like it. And, boy, what a start it's been for those of u... left last year and decided to make two more and finish them in a similar way to display in this little wooden tray. I don't mind them because I hear they eat lots of mosquitoes. September 30, 2020 at 2:02 PM Michele Inman said... Hello! Hi--Shari here, a USian living in Co Donegal, Ireland. So, I was named after a complete stranger, but she must have been a good person because my Mom gave me her name. I love all 3 of your black cat pillows! Have a safe trip to see your west coast family and grab some extra snuggles with Baby B! I had to chuckle when you said your cat Shadow was more like a dog. I've grown to like it once I figured if it's a good enough name for the mother of Jesus, it's good enough for me.Always love your stitching and look forward to the first of the month to read your blog. What a beautiful garden you have and your butternut squash seem huge! französische Koseform von → Sandra (Bedeutung: Beschützerin). See you soon, greetings and stay healthy,Jutta. Rencontre avec Sandra, RP qui a un compte Instagram qui fait beaucoup parlé, y compris pour la façon dont Sandra dévoile sa vie, sans filtre. I'm very impressed with how responsible you are quaranteening every time you meet him. I do like it and like that those closer call me Jen - I guess I liked it well enough to name my daughter Jenna with a very close companion! Happy autumn! Join Facebook to connect with Sandra Kostro and others you may know. We lived in a two-story log home and one summer night I was sleeping out on the second-story deck in a sleeping bag. Your autumn display is beautiful as well. (Not entering giveaway!). Carol, your grandson is adorable!I would like to be entered in the drawing.I was named after my maternal grandmother (Catherine) and as a child I didn’t like my name. I loved your black cats and am a fan of them also as we've had several very special ones over the years. You'll have to wear a pony tail even though you're old". For me that is just normal risotto made with chicken or veg broth with roasted butternut squash added to it, it is even better with pinenuts sprinkled on top. Don't forget, if you want to enter the giveaway, please make sure to include your email address (and that goes for anyone who wants a reply to a question as well, please). I think they are very pretty and do love one black cat in particular (my MIL's) very much!