Railway Exfil; Power Station – Requires 3000 Roubles, max 4 players. Loot. Provisions 4. C'est la cinquième zone qui fut ajoutée dans le jeu. 1 Description 1.1 Background 1.2 Summary 1.3 Factions 2 Gameplay 2.1 Scav mode 3 Equipment 4 Trivia 5 See also At the onset of active hostilities in the city, in addition to the predictable humanitarian consequences, a special trend is observed that … Scav Camp (TOUS) – Ce point d'extraction vous oblige à vous lier d'amitié avec les locaux. Electronic reusable key card, belonging, according by the logo, to TerraGroup Corporation. Located in the center of the interchange is a huge ULTRA shopping mall which was used as the main base of operation for the EMERCOM evacuation. Ammo Box 2. It’s over three months old and only has like 20 upvotes! He can spawn with a variety of modded weapons most notably is a signature, heavily modified RPK. Interchange is a busy level which comprised of two main floors in the market, an outdoors area, and a parking lot. Go dowwn the hole from Rasmussen and turn left going towards the new hole in the wall. Scav camp Along the east wall there is a series of military tents and cargo containers on the highway. After I received a message with a package from fence. Weapon Box 11. Always: EXFIL02 - Emercom Checkpoint: Spawned in North-West: Interchange - EXFIL02 - Emercom Checkpoint. For more Escape from Tarkov tips and tricks, take a look at my 10 Best EFT Beginner Tips and guide for learning the Customs map . Jacket 21. 1 Description 2 Objectives 3 Completion 4 Rewards 5 Note 6 Gallery 7 Patch Changes "There you are, I was just waiting for you. 1 Background 2 Layout 3 Inhabitants 4 Notable loot 5 Related quests 6 Notes 7 Appearances 8 Bugs 9 Gallery Before the Great War, the location was the site of a diner and Red Rocket filling station on the outskirts of Nuka-World. There are some bushes in this area with a dead scav. It’s available throughout the match, but to get out you’ll need to have no backpack equipped. Ammo Box 2. とりあえず「Scav camp」と「Hole in fence」の場所の備忘録です。 初心者の自分にとってはそういうのを探すのも楽しいです。 最近Interchangeに慣れてきたので、出待ち対策が少し楽になるかな~と思ったのですが、そうでもなかったですね~。 Since there are many possibilities and locations to explore, one can easily get lost on the map. Requires the Interchange power station switch to be on in order to open Behind a urinal in the Burger Spot store in Interchange (The keypad is revealed upon flushing the urinal) Unlocks the saferoom extraction on Interchange, … 사진에 표시해놓은 1번 출구의 이름은 SCAV CAMP입니다 I did not rush them, thinking that I would be very loud and they would wait for me in a bush. After the power has been restored at the power station, the alarm system in some stores across the Ultra shopping center will be reactivated but they can be deactivated at two different Control panels. Cookies help us deliver our Services. How often are you going to find yourself in that situation? Other Loot 5. Greetings Escapers! So after hours of editing and trying to figure out how to present you Interchange, I decided to split it into shorter parts. Lo Scav Camp è un’estrazione utilizzata molto poco data la sua condizione d’uscita molto situazionale. This is one is only about tips for scaving on Interchange. Loose Loot 17. Search. We went and used the scav camp extract on interchange. As those who have tried to use the similar Scav Lands extraction on Reserve have learned, ... (the Interchange scav boss). Shoreline Extraction Points. After I received a message with a package from fence. We’re done with spawn points and loot areas, so it’s time we go to extraction points and danger areas.For the former, they are UN Road, Gateto Factory, RUAF Roadblock, Old Station, ZB-016, West Border, Mountain Stash, South V-EX, East Gate, Key ZB-014, Scav House, Outskirts, Deadman’s Place, and The Boat.. Extraction 16. Let’s be completely honest here, no one ever uses those because Tarkov usually involves all-out war, not cooperation. Behind a blue cargo container there is an always available exit that requires you to bring a friendly scav with you. Loose Loot 137. As those who have tried to use the similar Scav Lands extraction on Reserve have learned, ... (the Interchange scav boss). Thankfully, Tarkov players have already put together some incredibly detailed maps which break down where you can get out. Lay prone up there and you're hard to spot and have good sightlines. 새로운 탈출구 3개를 모두 알아보도록 할게요. Locations. It is the fifth location that was added to the game. 인터체인지(Interchange) 맵에 새로운 탈출구 3개가 추가되었어요. Extractions like Scav Camp (Interchange), Scav Lands (Reserve) and Factory Gate (Woods) require the eternal enemies to work together to extract. 1 Description 2 Notes 3 Key Location 4 Lock Location A key from some weapon safe. Weapon safe key (Safe) is a Key in Escape from Tarkov. SCAV 12. Jacket 9. This strategic area connects the port and harbour with the industrial outskirts of Tarkov. Just a couple of hours ago, my old friend Jaeger got in touch with me and informed me that he had quite useful information for me. Ammo Box 7. Second one will cover best loot spots and the last one will be in depth loot guide covering almost […] The size and detail of the map does add in significant complexity for new players but by focusing on key areas on the lower side of PMC traffic you can still have a successful and profitable raid.