For example, it can smelt 10 items per piece of Coal compared to only 8 in a regular Furnace and it takes 8 seconds instead of 10 to perform the operation. The Blast Furnace is a machine added by IndustrialCraft 2. GregTech 4 replaces it with the Automatic E-Furnace, while GregTech 5 has it's own Electric Furnace. Doing so will also save 50% of the energy that would have been used had every stack been smelted by itself. Output can be taken from the sides of the machine. The speed at which a redstone furnace processes items depends on how much energy it can use per tick. It costs 100 vis to create it. If a Furnace smelts seven Iron Ingots with a piece of Coal, the rest of the Coal's energy is burned up. If an Electric Furnace connected to a Generator does the same, the extra energy will be saved. In the example, an RHG is used because it is reliable, however the high cost may be unfavourable. Overclocker Upgrades can be installed in order to speed up the process, but will increase the EU required. To create Steel with the Blast Furnace, input a source of Iron, such as Iron Ingots, Iron Ore, or Iron Dust, and also 6 Compressed Air Cells. Slag (IndustrialCraft 2) - Official Feed The Beast Wiki As steel has no ore, it does not go through ore processing; steel ingots are produced in a 24px Blast Furnace from iron (in some form) plus 6000 mB of Air, obtained by placing Universal Fluid Cells in a Compressor. The Blast Furnace takes roughly 300 seconds per Steel Ingot. To start the process, the Blast Furnace needs an input of Heat through the orange square on the side of the block. Another feature of the Induction Furnace is its ability to build up heat. The processed items appear in the two rightmost slots. Each Coil adds 10 hU, with a maximum of 10 Coils. The Electric Furnace also operates on EU instead of on burning Fuel. …, Lava based fuel sources are only 10% as efficient in when used in a. This means that you can make as much Steel as you like without ever crafting more than those 6 initial cells. The Blast Furnace uses compressed air to generated Refined Iron. For example, when an over clocker is put in the Industrial blast furnace, the energy requirement of the machine increases from 128eu/t to 512eu/t. The bottom slot in the GUI is the Battery slot; if the Electric Furnace is being used without a connection to an EU network, it may be powered using RE-Batteries, BatPacks, Lithium-Batteries, or Lithium-Batpacks in this slot. Without any upgrades, one smelting operation will take approximately seven seconds, and will use 390 EU. On each blast furnace a filter was placed set to "single item." In each case you're going to need to put in transformer upgrades, storage upgrades and use Glass Fibre Cable. This can be further upgraded with two blast furnace pre-heaters - they go on either side of it. hU/t is a term for how many Heat Units are delivered per tick to a Heat Consumer. Also place Transformer Upgrades inside the Sorting Machine and Compressor before supplying them with Medium Voltage(which is needed for the Thermal Centrifuge). This is most likely the most compact way of producing Steel. The compressed air will change to Empty Cell. After building the structure, you must then right click it with a wand to create the furnace. Heat is a new kind of "power". To run, it must be given a source of heat, such as being placed adjacently to an Electric Heater. It has the ability to process 2 stacks of items simultaneously. Simply add something to smelt in the top slot and supply the Electric Furnace with EU. Once the Blast Furnace is finished, the Sorting Machine send the Steel into the Chest and the Slag into the Thermal Centrifuge, where it is processed then output right back into the Sorting Machine, which then sends the produce into the Chest. Recipe Edit 2. It is not generated as ore, but must be created from Iron in a 24px Blast Furnace.